Volunteer Management Made Simple

Ask yourself these questions about your volunteer management program.

      Do you have challenges keeping track of your volunteer base? 

      Do you have trouble keeping volunteers on task?

      Are you having challenges with assigning a volunteer the right task to keep them motivated? 

    Are you a non-profit or new event that doesn’t have the budged to pay for a volunteer management system that costs over a thousand dollars per year? 

How Voluntold Can Help!

By using Voluntold you can register volunteers and ensure you have all their information to reach them when you need them most. No more Spreadsheets to try and keep track of them but then risk losing it if you PC crashes. With Voluntold you can understand more about your volunteers by reviewing their profiles and unlocking the potential and quality of volunteers you have. Then you can  maximize the efforts they put into your non-profit or event. 


Management Is Key!

Amplify your management of volunteers with us. We provide you the ability to setup task channels that each volunteer can sign up for. By allowing (sometimes nudging) your volunteers to sign up to specific tasks they want to it increases the focus and motivation your volunteers put into the tasks they are on.  

By having all of your tasks listed you can then manage what volunteer is on what task and if you need to add additional help to those tasks to keep the task moving to completion. 


Contact us if you can answer yes to most if not all of these questions. We can show you more about our site and how it can help!